Sunday, January 29, 2012

HaPpY BiRthDaY KaDEn!

 We let them rip into the birthday presents right after school.  The presents were so amazing the boys were entertained for hours!
 Colton gave Kaden this huge sled.  They were so proud how many they could fit in it.  If we only had more snow!
 Colton decided he would be sleeping in it later!
 Then we were off to the bowling alley.  They thought they were so strong that they could lift the balls so high!

 Peace out Dallon!

 Kaden... Luckily they had an orange ball (his favorite color).
 The crew!
 Do you love how close they have to stand to the TV?

 This is how the entire night and morning went.  Seriously!
 I loved how creative Dallon was.  He tore his bacon in half and used it as eyebrows!
 Colton used strawberries for hair!  He also ate a half a plate of scrambled eggs and like 10 pieces of bacon!  I told the boys to eat until their stomaches would explode... and they did!
 We loaded in the car to head to the ski hill around 9.  Would you believe the boys were so hungry they tore into a bag of cheetos?

 Kaden (the birthday boy)
 You couldn't miss Colton and his bright orange hat!
 Brady refused to wear his hat.  He said he was hot, but his ears were bright red!
 On your marks...
 Get set...
Go!  For two hours!
Yes! Those are snowballs in their hands.  One of them took a shot at the pregnant belly...Monsters!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reese had her dance recital this last Saturday. She did so great. I was a little nervous because last time she did tap, she fell on her way out on stage. She knew the entire dance by heart and had a smile plastered on during the entire routine. I was a very proud mom!!!